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Sir Jones Kofi Apawu

It's Never Too Late

to reignite your burning desire, stage a comeback and make it a winning life

In this book, I reveal to you the importance and the power of your personal personal experiences 

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The Optimist Extraordinaire

How to become an extraordinairy positive person

In this book, I share the eight strategies that has become my weapon for consistent extraordinary optimism.

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Winning Thinking Triggers

Shake your comfort zone & power charge your drive to win

If you have always want something just to keep you fired up all day long, drive you to keep taking bold massive action, push you to commit to excellence in all areas of your life and more? Then you must get this book. 

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Boost Your Optimism (eBook)

9 declarations to boost your optimism

If in this book are 9 declarations curated out the book: THE OPTIMIST EXTRAORDIANRY. 

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you Deserve All The Best

100 affirmation brewed with love for your continuous optimism and awesomeness

You truly deserve all the best, and you will have all the best as long as you affirm them into your life with a spirit of gratitude.

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Your Dream Matter!

Let the #1 Motivational + Success Caoching Platform: power you to the finish line

Commit to making it a winning life with

This is my Ultimate Online Training + Coaching Platform. This Is Where You Get To Work With Me As Your Master Motivator + Cheerleader, Success Mentor And Human Potential Coach.